Étiquette : censorship

Trump’s Big Tech lawsuit has legs and other commentary

Big Tech watch: Don’s Censorship Suit Has Legs Not so fast, counters Vivek Ramaswamy in The Wall Street Journal to the prestige press predictable dismissals of former President Donald Trump’s lawsuit against Big Tech censors: “There’s a strong case to be made that social-media censorship violates the Constitution.” Yes, the First […]

Two-thirds of Americans say they censor themselves: study

Roughly two-thirds of Americans say they routinely or sometimes censor themselves in conversation, according to a new study. The poll of 1,462 people found 18 percent said they censored themselves “all the time” while 48 percent said they did so “sometimes.” Fifty-nine percent of those asked deemed current levels of […]

Belarus government blocks media outlet, detains reporters

KYIV, Ukraine — Belarusian authorities blocked the website of a leading online media outlet and detained some of its journalists and several reporters from other news organizations Thursday, the latest moves in a sweeping crackdown on dissent and independent media in the ex-Soviet nation. Belarus’ Information Ministry said it has […]

Greenwald blasts Facebook for censoring COVID vaccine opinions

Journalist Glenn Greenwald is blasting Facebook for its decision to crackdown on users posting comments about the coronavirus vaccine that undermine official information being provided by “authorities.” Greenwald, a Pulitzer-prize winning reporter, said social media giants like Facebook are under immense pressure from mainstream media outlets to censor dissenting opinion. […]

A reckoning for teachers unions and other commentary

Libertarian: A Reckoning for Teachers Unions “Another day, another set of parents who discovered” the reopening of their kids’ schools thwarted by a politically powerful teachers union,” ­laments Reason’s Matt Welch. This time, it was in wealthy Montclair, NJ, whose superintendent announced Friday that schools, closed for the past 319 […]