Rafael Nadal: « False humility is useless »

Rafael Nadal: "False humility is useless"

While everyone gave up on Rafael Nadal due to his precarious physical condition and the very few games played to return from the foot injury, he slowly made his way into the Australian Open draw until he pushed himself to victory with a masterful feat.

With dedication, tenacity and a spirit of sacrifice, the Spaniard elbowed between current and future tennis champions such as Matteo Berrettini or Daniil Medvedev, battling with all his might even while the latter seemed to fail.

The Mallorcan may have benefited from the absence above all of Novak Djokovic (given that Roger Federer has been out for some time now), but winning the twenty-first career Grand Slam in a precarious physical and athletic state is only bread for the champions.

Success, that of the Australian Open, which also allowed Nadal to become, together with the Serbian, the only player of the Open era to win every Grand Slam more than once and great results like this continue to arrive even with the advancement of the game.

age. But what, then, is the secret of his sporting longevity?

Rafael Nadal: « False humility is useless »

The answer to this question was given by Rafa Nadal himself, who spoke on the sidelines of the event The important thing is health organized at his academy: « It is important to have true inner humility, not false humility, accepting that it’s not always good, bad moments are better tolerated.

One of the keys for me to continue playing tennis today is that I have tolerated success and failure equally. Nothing is that big and nothing is that bad; there are good times and bad times. Emotionally, you have to keep a middle line. »

Nadal then explained the fundamental importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, which affects every aspect of daily life: « I always say and believe that everything can be improved, and days like today help us do it, yes.

a broader knowledge of the things we need. Especially to be able to enjoy life. But without health it becomes impossible, this is reality. »

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