Fufa Big League clubs must grow capacities, desist from ‘trying to grow fast’ – Magogo

The federation chief made the statements during a consultative meeting convened to discuss the 2020/21 season

The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (Fufa) President Moses Magogo has asked Big League clubs to desist from the desire of ‘trying to grow fast’.

Magogo urged the Fufa Big League officials to grow their club’s capacities in order to avoid being demoralised after promotion to the Premier League and relegation back to the top-tier almost immediately.

“You need to grow your capacity before you go to the next level,” Magogo said during the Fufa Big League consultative meeting as was quoted by Sports Nation.

“A team wants to be in UPL just a year after promotion from Big League. It’s not organic growth, many times you get discouraged because you are trying to grow fast.

“What is the purpose of being promoted and drop back immediately? When you go up when you haven’t grown, you will suffer and get demoralised.”

The consultative meeting was convened to discuss matters of the 2020/21 season and also the club licensing issues with Magogo urging the clubs to see the business side of football.

“Some clubs even close simply because ‘you took a Primary Four kid to sit for Primary Leaving Examinations [PLE] exams, even if he is the best, he can fail and think that school is a bad thing’,” said the Caf Executive member.

“You will enjoy the UPL when you go when you have grown. There is a business side of football also. It’s not about promotion alone, you need to grow your capacity and that is why club licensing is there to put checks on whether you are ready.”

The Fufa chief also drew parallels between the Premier League and the second-tier competition as he also explained how the federation did not consult clubs before cancelling the league.

“It’s [Big League] the hardest league to play in, maybe harder than the Premier League in terms of conditions there,” concluded Magogo.

“However, football can generate its own money and at Fufa we have tried it and has been successful.

“We cannot be consulting on matters of rules. It is clear, it’s a rule. However, I know that every decision by a regulator hurts one and will benefit the other.”

Meanwhile, Fufa’s Club Licensing Chairman Rogers Mulindwa has hinted the Big League clubs will be required to have junior sides.

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“There are some new ideas that every Fufa Big League club this time will have an U17 team,” Mulindwa said during the meeting.

“These teams will only be playing in that particular region [where the senior team plays]. It’s a new idea and we had a debate with the members and they have welcomed the idea.”

Water FC, Kataka FC, Doves All-Stars, Bukedea FC, Bukedea FC, Nyamityobora FC, Kiboga Young, Ndejje University FC, Kigezi Home Boyz FC, Paidha BA FC, UPDF FC and Kitara FC were represented during the meeting.


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