Étiquette : sex and relationships

New York Review of Books is hookup spot for intellectuals

A recent issue of the New York Review of Books served up critiques of early Joan Didion, Brazilian literary master Machado de Assis and Italy’s celebrated 17th-century baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi. Ravenous readers could also feast on less erudite content — intriguing personal ads appearing on the magazine’s back pages […]

A Soho sex club reopens amid coronavirus

They’re open for frisky business. As New York City emerges from lockdown and enters into Phase Two of reopening Monday, a Soho sex club is navigating how to get down and dirty while still staying squeaky clean and coronavirus-free. In order for the members-only group called NSFW — which stands […]

How coronavirus has forever changed sex and dating in America

Chemistry NYC, the invite-only, Brooklyn-based swingers club, won’t be hosting any loft sex parties for the foreseeable future — even though New York City’s Health Department has issued a report on how to engage in “kinky” sex. The department recommended face masks, being “creative” with positions, and large, ventilated spaces […]