Étiquette : decade

« I’ve been preparing for a decade »

Serena Williams is considering retiring from tennis. This told the youngest of the Williams sisters to the Bloomerang media at the Super Bowl, where the tennis player was busy for a commercial. On that occasion, the winner of 23 Grand Slams talked about her future, between entrepreneurship and the desire […]

The Best WWE Theme Songs of the Last Decade

Music and pro wrestling go together like writers and cliches. A good theme can make or a break someone even before we see them throw a single punch. But what’s the secret to dope entrance music? Besides the song capturing exactly who that wrestler is, it also has to be […]

The most beautiful players of the last decade

Beauty, elegance, sensuality, charm: players fly on the court to win tournaments, but many of them are considered icons of beauty, sensuality and charm. Some of them also won the most prestigious titles, others were famous for their attractiveness. So, who are the most beautiful tennis players of the last […]