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Trump’s Big Tech lawsuit has legs and other commentary

Big Tech watch: Don’s Censorship Suit Has Legs Not so fast, counters Vivek Ramaswamy in The Wall Street Journal to the prestige press predictable dismissals of former President Donald Trump’s lawsuit against Big Tech censors: “There’s a strong case to be made that social-media censorship violates the Constitution.” Yes, the First […]

Pray for our second Catholic president and other commentary

Religion beat: Pray for Our Second Catholic Prez Whatever the political disagreements, Wednesday’s presidential inauguration is a moment for American Catholics to “be in Christian solidarity” with President Joe Biden “through prayer,” urges George Weigel at First Things. “We pray for his health, strength and courage. We pray that he […]

The intolerant ‘Church of Wokeness’ and other commentary

From the right: The Church of Wokeness Those who “kneel, hands raised in secular prayer, repeating political creeds on the TV news” are participating in the “neo-Marxist appropriation” of Christianity, fumes The Chicago Tribune’s John Kass. In this neo-religion, “whites must atone for the sins of white racism, even if […]