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Sing 2 Characters & Cast Guide: Meet the Actors

The audaciously entertaining animals and their inspiring acts return for another fun and meaningful musical in Sing 2. The first Sing film taught audiences of children and adults alike to conquer their fears, and stop worrying about what could go wrong, or what others might think. It taught viewers to […]

Bitcoin billionaire Brock Pierce buys NYC church for $5M

Bitcoin billionaire Brock Pierce — the child actor turned independent presidential candidate — is in talks to convert a former East Village church into a 21st-century rental residence. He already owns an Amsterdam residence that, he tells Gimme, was once “an illegal Catholic church from 1746.” In Puerto Rico, Pierce […]

Liam Neeson announces retirement from action movies

Liam Neeson is “Taken” a permanent break from kicking bad guy butt.  Putting to bed his menacing, “I will find you and I will kill you” threats, Neeson, 68, announced Thursday that he is taking his very particular set of skills and retiring from the action movie genre.  “Im 68 and a half […]