The 21 Coolest Halloween Decorations You Can Buy Now

Updated on Sept. 19, 2023

Written by 
Adrian Marlow

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Summer is just about over, which means Halloween is right around the corner. Halloween is one of the most popular holidays on the calendar — and while you have a little time until October rolls around, it’s never too early to get started with your spooky preparations. You can find plenty of ghosts, ghouls, gravestones and other goodies to bring the festivities to your neighborhood right now.

Ready to gear up for the spookiest season of the year? Whatever budget you have to work with, investing in a few key items can go a long way. So trick-or-treat yourself to some fun props that will help you create the atmosphere you want inside and out. We’ve rounded up some solid picks for every budget to save you some time and help your haunting kick off without a hitch this Halloween. With everything from lights and inflatables to horror movie favorites, you’ll find some eerie-sistable Halloween decorations below, with several options for $25 or less.

Coolest Halloween decorations under $100

A wooden Halloween "Boo!" sign is displayed near jack-o-lanterns.

This sign is made of four deconstructed pumpkin-shaped wood pieces that spell out « Boo! » It has decorative spider webs incorporated into the fun design. It’s over 13 inches tall and measures 20 inches wide, making it a great piece to sit on a mantle or by a candy bowl.

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Decorating isn’t just about visuals. You need the right scent to capture the mood, and Yankee Candle really nailed it this year. There are diffusers and plug-ins with cute decorations and great scents, but my personal favorite is the Boo-nana Toffee 3-Wick candles. It quickly fills the room with an incredible scent, and like all Yankee Candles will last you through Halloween with ease. 

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A giant Halloween skeleton spider is displayed against an orange background.

This plastic 32-inch spider skeleton is the perfect creepy crawler to strike fear in the hearts of those who get too close to your front porch.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas Zero hanging inflatable hands from a porch.
$60 at Michaels

4.5-foot Nightmare Before Christmas Zero hanging inflatable: $60

This hanging inflatable of Zero, Jack’s pet in The Nightmare Before Christmas, is a fun addition to any porch or tree. It has an internal blinking LED light, so that it can be seen in the dark, and an internal fan. Just note that this inflatable does need to be plugged in to remain inflated, so be sure to hang it near an outlet or in conjunction with an extension cord.

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A light-up Jack-O-Lantern statue is displayed against an orange background.

This 14-inch light-up statue is a great alternative to carving your own pumpkins. It has LED lights and is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, so you can plug it in by your door or near a stoop to help light the way for trick-or-treaters.

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Halloween inflatables of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Michael Meyers and Chucky are displayed against an orange background.

These easy-to-use inflatables from Home Depot can quickly add some Halloween spirit to your yard. These are just $35 each and self-inflate in seconds. They also include LED lights so they can be seen in the dark.

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The Spirit Table Runner from Anthropologie is lain on a table.

If you plan on hosting a Halloween party, this table runner is the perfect accent for your dinner table or buffet. It features black cats, crows, mushrooms, feathers, moths, candles and more in a whimsical seasonal design. It measures 90 inches in length and 16 inches wide.

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The Hocus Pocus Binx statue is displayed against an orange background.

If you’re a fan of Hocus Pocus, this statue featuring the tombstone of Emily Binx and a model of the immortal black cat Thackery is a perfect addition to your Halloween decor. It comes in just under a foot tall and is made of resin and stone powder.

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A 21-Inch Brown Jumping Spider Animatronic is displayed against an orange background.

Just getting started with animatronics? This option is half-off right now, coming in at $50, which makes it a more accessible option. It’s a great way to amplify your scare tactics, as this animatronic spider will leap out at passersby and give them a good jump scare. Just note that because this is an oversized item, additional shipping charges will apply, so factor that into your budget.

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A Halloween bauble wreath is displayed against an orange background.

For those searching for an elevated way to decorate this season, this wreath from Williams Sonoma adds some elegance to your Halloween festivities. It measures 30 inches in diameter and has orange, gold and black ornaments, along with smiling jack-o’-lanterns.

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Standing Ghost Girl Figurine

This easy-to-assemble figure sits upon a telescoping metal pole and is an eerie piece to add to your yard. She has battery-powered flashing red LED eyes and stands at 5 feet, 7 inches tall.

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The Airblown Halloween Minions inflatable with tree and pumpkin is displayed against an orange background.

This inflatable features the ever-popular Minions, along with a jack-o’-lantern and spooky tree that’s sure to delight trick-or-treaters of any age. It’s a kid-friendly alternative to some of the scarier decorations on this list and is easy to put up — it self-inflates, lights up and even comes with stakes and tethers so you can keep it secure outdoors.

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5 ft. Poseable Pitted Skeleton with LED Eyes (6-Pack)

You’ll get six posable 5-foot tall skeletons with battery-powered LED eyes to add an extra layer of creepiness to your display.

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The Qizin 1,500-watt fog machine is displayed against an orange background.

This home fog machine can definitely help make the atmosphere at a party pretty spooky. It produces about 25,000 cubic feet of fog per minute. You can also use it in a covered area like your garage or on your front porch — and since it comes with a cordless remote, you can let out a burst of smoke as trick-or-treaters approach. Just note that you must also purchase fog fluid to use in the machine, which is sold separately. 

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Orange Waterglide outdoor Halloween net lights are displayed across a lawn.

These 12 foot by 5 foot waterproof net lights are a great way to light up your lawn with festive colors. They’re great for bushes, patios and anywhere else you may want to liven up with some color. These LED net lights come equipped with a 16-foot cable so you can reach an outlet, plus they can move in waves, flash, slow fade, remain steady and more. The orange option is currently down to just $23 (or $21 with Prime), but you can snag other cool colors like purple for just a few dollars more.

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A 5-foot bloody body bag decoration is displayed against an orange background.

This gory body bag is great for graveyard scenes and other creepy haunts. It’s lightweight and includes the twine ropes you will need to tie the bloody bag over the inflatable.

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Ghost Face Door Cover

Need a low-cost, no-fuss option this Halloween? This officially licensed Ghostface door cover is 80 by 37 inches and fits most standard exterior doors. And for a solid, scary decoration for under $25, this will definitely make an impact.

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A doormat reading Turn Back Now with a bat is displayed against an orange background.

This is a great option to add a little fun to your doorway, particularly if you’re planning on serving candy to trick-or-treaters. Note, however, that you’ll need an order of at least $50 in order to get free shipping on this item or take advantage of free in-store pickup.

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The Trick 'r Treat Sam Groundbreaker Decoration is displayed against an orange background.

This Trick ‘r Treat decoration is perfect to place in your yard or garden to scare anyone visiting your haunt. And at just $25, it’s an easy option to add some horror at a great price.

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Whaline Halloween Black Creepy Cloth 500 x 87 inch Spooky Gauze Cloth Halloween Decoration

Need to create atmosphere on a budget? This large piece of creepy black gauze cloth is versatile and can easily go on porches, walls, entryways, staircases and more. For $25 you get 500 by 87 inches of cloth that you can layer, drape or even cut into separate pieces for more versatility.

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Two Hompavo LED Flame light bulbs are displayed against an orange background.

These moody, flickering LED light bulbs are great because they’re so versatile. You can use them inside during parties, in your lamps for flickering in your windows or even outside by your door or in compatible lampposts. There’s a built-in gravity sensor as well, so it works regardless of the direction your bulbs screw in.

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