FTR didn’t say a word about Cash Wheeler’s arrest on AEW Collision

AEW World Tag Team Champion Cash Wheeler was arrested Friday morning for aggravated assault with a firearm.

A lot of wrestling fans have been wondering what Wheeler’s arrest means for his match coming up on Aug. 27 at AEW: All In London at Wembley Stadium, where FTR takes on the Young Bucks to determine the greatest tag team of all-time.

AEW made things a little more interesting on Friday night’s Rampage when it was announced that we’ll hear from FTR on tonight’s (Aug. 19) episode of Collision. Would FTR actually address Wheeler’s arrest live on television? Would AEW make a change to the booking of the match?

As it turns out, the promised words from FTR came in the form of this pre-taped video package promoting their match at All In. It was just a standard hype job for the match with no mention at all of Wheeler’s arrest, nor did it include any indication that AEW is considering a change to the planned match.

AEW commentator Kevin Kelly did say earlier in the show that FTR has been in the news as of late, but that’s the only reference to the situation we got on this episode of Collision.

FTR is also advertised for next week’s (Aug. 23) go home episode of Dynamite, so we’ll see if anything changes then.

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