Iyo Sky cashes in Money in the Bank contract to win women’s title

Although Asuka came into SummerSlam tonight (Sat., Aug. 5, 2023) at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan, as WWE women’s champions, her challengers, Bianca Belair and Charlotte Flair, were the focus of television in the weeks leading up to their triple threat match.

Oh, and Iyo Sky and the Money in the Bank contract she was carrying.

I say “was” because, well, you know how this goes. Bianca Belair injured her knee during the triple threat but won the title on a rollup anyway. Right after, with her vulnerable, Sky hit the ring to cash in and win the title herself.

They worked one hell of a straight up triple threat match before that, considering the spot they were put in.

At one point, Belair took a big bump to the outside and they made like she was injured. Medical personnel came out to take her away but she valiantly fought back to the ring to hit a 450 splash while Charlotte Flair was bridged up into a Figure Eight on Asuka.

But that only got a two count.

And then a short time later, Flair bridged into a Figure Eight on Belair, on the injured knee, and it seemed over. Except Asuka got in and sprayed mist in Flair’s face while she was in the submission. Shortly after, Belair, while still on the hold, managed to roll up Asuka to get the three count and win the title.

And then Iyo.

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