Drunk UFC title contender robbed at gunpoint, companion pistol whipped in scary after-hours scene

Yadong Song is used to fighting … but probably not used to fighting for his life.

The UFC bantamweight title contender, currently ranked No. 8 at 135 pounds, found himself in a life or death situation earlier this week on a late night drive from San Francisco to Sacramento, which started with a pit stop for water.

And nearly ended in gunfire.

“For the first time in my life, I was held at gunpoint,” Song said on the Douyin app. “Last night, my friend and I drove back to Sacramento from San Francisco. On the way back, we were robbed by four black men at gunpoint. I was a little drunk, because I was with my friend and he was driving, so he wasn’t drinking. On our way back, I was a little thirsty. Then he drive around and looked at a couple of gas stations that were dark, and then he went to the one with the brightest lights.”

Yadong, 25, trains at Team Alpha Male in Sacramento and was expected to make his Octagon return against Rob Font at UFC 292 in Boston. Unfortunately “The Kung Fu Kid” was forced to withdraw from that contest, sending Font to UFC Nashville.

Then Yadong’s luck went from bad to worse.

“When we got there, those four black people who robbed us were already there,” Song continued. “They’re not following us, they’re waiting for the victim. They’re all set; hood, license plates blocked. Then my friend drove over and parked there, and got out to buy some water. When he came out, he was held at gunpoint. The man told him to hand over his money, his wallet, his necklace, and hit him with the handle of his gun.”

Yadong and his companions were able to avoid serious injury.

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