Ashley Liao’s Heart Is Caught In the Middle

The Big Picture

  • Paramount+ will release the YA romance film Love in Taipei on August 10, adapted from the bestselling novel « Loveboat, Taipei » by Abigail Hing Wen.
  • The film follows Ever, an American teenager who goes to Taipei for a cultural immersion program but ends up on a summer-long romantic journey, torn between two boys while pursuing her love of dancing.
  • The trailer shows Ever’s transformation as she embraces new experiences, makes new friends, and develops a deep connection to Taipei. The film has trilogy potential based on the author’s other related books.

This August, Paramount+ is feeling the love as the streamer prepares to release its upcoming YA romance Love in Taipei. The feature is adapted from Abigail Hing Wen‘s New York Times bestselling novel Loveboat, Taipei, which originally published at the top of 2020. It follows a young American named Ever whose trip abroad isn’t quite what she expected. After unveiling the first set of images for the adaptation last month, Paramount+ has finally released the official trailer ahead of the movie’s August 10 premiere.

Love in Taipei centers on Ever Wong (Ashley Liao), an American teenager whose parents surprise her with a trip to Taipei to attend a cultural immersion program for the summer. The program only continues to offer surprises as Ever learns that it’s not only meant for any sort lessons or homework. Instead, Ever finds herself as part of « summer-long free-for-all » dubbed the « Loveboat, » which she quickly learns is pretty much exactly what it sounds like when her heart is pulled between two different but good-looking boys — both of whom are also quite taken with her. So, as the summer carries on, Ever heads on a romantic journey and one of self-discovery as she pursues her love of dancing and pushes back against her parents’ high expectations.

The trailer begins on an upbeat note as Ever officially begins her cultural journey abroad, excited at what lies ahead. While she learns that the program does, in fact, offer a variety of classes on different cultural practices, it doesn’t take long for Rick (Ross Butler) and Xavier (Nico Hiraga) to catch her eye. While the boys are welcome additions to Ever’s life, they also help kickstart her coming more out of her rule-oriented tendencies and open her mind to embracing new experiences. Moreover, Ever’s new friend Sophie (Chelsea Zhang) is more than willing to help her open up more and have a good time while doing so. As the trailer continues, it seems that Ever has grown attached Taipei, giving a heartfelt speech about how it has become part of her.

Image via Paramount+

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Who Worked on Love in Taipei?

Love in Taipei was written by Charlie Oh and WandaVision‘s Mackenzie Dohr, with Arvin Chen (Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?) as director. Matt Kaplan produced for Ace Entertainment, which spearheaded the movie’s production and oversaw it with 1 Productions Film. Wen, Butler, Christopher Foss, Matthew Janzen, Max Siemers, Aubrey Bendix, and Cheng-Chung Chang serve as executive producers. Additional cast includes Cindy Cheung (13 Reasons Why) as Ever’s aunt Shu. Though Paramount+ has not revealed any further plans, the movie has trilogy potential as Wen has two other related books: Loveboat Reunion and the forthcoming Loveboat Forever.

Love in Taipei premieres August 10 exclusively on Paramount+. Watch the trailer below:

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