Juan Martin del Potro’s last moment was so symbolic

Prakash Amritraj: Juan Martin del Potro's last moment was so symbolic

Former Indian tennis player Prakash Amritraj thought Juan Martin del Potro was saying ‘I have given you everything’ with his emotional gesture after his Buenos Aires loss. Del Potro played his first match in two-and-a-half years when he met Federico Delbonis in the Buenos Aires first round.

After suffering a 6-1 6-3 loss, del Bonis placed his headband on the net. « That last moment, there, putting the headband, was so symbolic, » Amritraj said on Tennis Channel, per Sportskeeda. « He’s basically saying, I’ve given you everything, my game, I’ve given you my everything.

Yeah, and this is it right here. »

Amritraj: Big what if del Potro had been healthy

« Looking back on his career, I think about a lot of the players that left it all out there and you know, maybe they didn’t get the Wimbledon title, » Amritraj added.

« Maybe they didn’t get that Grand Slam, but they were able to leave it all out there. « Juan Martin, on the other hand, there was so much more he had left to give. And I think that’s that’s what’s gonna be in all of our minds because look, he won, as much as you could possibly win playing what 30% of the career that he should have played. »

Del Potro also signed up to play Rio de Janeiro next week but hinted after the Buenos Aires loss that that was the last match of his career. The truth is that this is a moment I never wanted to come. Health leads me to have to make a decision: I made too much effort in these two and a half years.

« Sometimes I can lose. I do not have the strength that everyone believes. I think I fulfilled all the dreams in tennis and the most difficult thing to achieve, which is the affection of the people. « I feel like I’ve given it all. This is a day I never wanted to come, but I’m going to remember it for the rest of my life. »

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