Rick Macci recalls Serena and Venus Williams’ doubles match that left crowd in awe

Rick Macci recalls Serena and Venus Williams' doubles match that left crowd in awe

Iconic tennis coach Rick Macci recalled a doubles match in which Serena and Venus Williams took on Billie Jean King and Rosemary Casals. King and Nasals are considered as one of the greatest doubles duos in tennis history, having won five Wimbledon titles and three US Open titles together.

At the Family Circle Cup (now known as the Charleston Open) the Williams took on King and Nasals. Though it was just an exhibition, the Williams sisters didn’t take it that way as their competitive nature drove them to give their best on the court.

« Serena and Venus Williams were invited for an exhibition tournament [at the Family Circle Cup] against the great Billie Jean King and the great Rosie Casals – one of the greatest doubles teams of all time, » Macci said in a video uploaded on his YouTube channel, according to Sportskeeda.

« Venus was ready to return serve but she was standing closer to the service line than the baseline. They were trained that way — to take the ball early, seek and destroy and get in your face. They do not [usually] play doubles, but they know how to fight. »

The Williams sisters badly wanted to win

« It was like a Compton street fight. Two little warriors running all over the place, smacking balls at Bille Jean and Rosie. People were freaking out at how aggressive Venus and Serena Williams were, » Macci said.

« Two little, wild animals and they didn’t care who they were playing against. » The crowd was given more than they expected. « When the match ended, everyone was blown away by the intensity, the enthusiasm and their commitment, » Macci said.

« There was just no fear in these little kids. » The Williams sisters have won 14 Grand Slam doubles titles together. Also, the Williams sisters captured three Olympic gold medals. Serena Williams is also a 23-time Grand Slam champion in singles, while Venus has seven Grand Slam singles titles.

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