Rick Macci recalls an 11-year-old Serena Williams demanding a Snickers and a Pepsi

Rick Macci recalls an 11-year-old Serena Williams demanding a Snickers and a Pepsi

Iconic tennis coach Rick Macci was one of the first coaches that had the chance to work with Serena and Venus Williams. In recent weeks, Macci spoke multiple times about the Williams sisters, recalling his days when he was coaching the greatest sister duo in tennis history.

In the latest video posted on his YouTube channel, Macci recalled something that happened when Serena was 11. « It was July 1992, I was on the court with Serena [Williams] and Venus [Williams] was next door. Serena was standing in the corner and just running the clock out.

You have to remember that she was 11 years old, » Macci said in a video uploaded on his YouTube channel, as quoted on Sportskeeda. « I said to her, « Serena, you got to move your feet. » She goes, « Why? » I said, « What do you mean why? You said you want to be No.

1 in the world. » She says, « I will be No. 1″ and she gave me [a] look. »  »

Serena Williams wanted a snickers, fries and a Pepsi

« So I go, « Well, how can I get you to move your feet? » She says, « Rick, I am really, really hungry.

Can you get Scott to get me some hot curly fries, a Snickers bar, a Pepsi and on the way back pick up a Green Day t-shirt? If you get me all that, I will make [Venus] look slower than molasses, » » Macci said. Serena actually got what she wanted and then she kept on her promise.

« So Scott gets all the goodies [except for the t-shirt], Serena has all her snacks for 15 minutes and goes back into the corner with her hitting partner. For an hour straight, no water. Sweat is coming off this kid like Niagara falls. Ripping groundstrokes, cross-court, down the line. Just like a maniac, » Macci said.

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