Where to Watch Nicolas Cage’s ‘Pig’ 2021 Movie

No, Nicolas Cage‘s new movie isn’t akin to Charlotte’s Web, nor is it really all that much like Babe. The flick may be about a pig — it’s literally just called Pig — but the stakes are much, much higher. The film, which is notably rated R, is more of a horror-thriller than it is a friendly animal film, but that won’t stop us — or you — from watching. If you’re wondering when the new release will hit a streaming service near you, we can help.

Pig stands at an impressive 96 percent on Rotten Tomatoes at the moment, garnering critical acclaim for Cage’s brilliant performance. The film follows the actor as Rob, a truffle hunter living alone in the Oregon wilderness. When his beloved pet pig is stolen, Rob sets out to find the beloved swine and get some much-needed revenge. Sounds a little like a farm animal version of John Wick, no? Along with Cage, Michael Sarnoski’s directorial debut also stars Alex Wolff and Adam Arkin.

Ready to find that titular pig and save the day? Here’s where to watch Pig:

When is the release date for Nicolas Cage’s Pig?

Nicolas Cage’s new movie, Pig, is set to release this Friday, July 16. But is that streaming, or just theatrical? Keep reading to find out.

Will Pig be streaming? Where to watch Pig:

Nope, Pig won’t be streaming anywhere this Friday. The movie is slated for an exclusive theatrical debut on July 16, but no streaming release date has been announced as of yet. That said, we have some ideas as to when Pig may appear on a streaming service.

NEON, the production company that’s distributing Pig, signed an exclusive output deal back in 2017. Because of that deal, NEON’s film slate tends to head to Hulu. Films like Parasite and Palm Springs are on Hulu, so Pig should be soon as well. Some NEON films have headed straight to Hulu, others have taken a handful of months to land on the streamer. Stay tuned to hear when Pig lands on a streaming service.

Is there a trailer for Pig starring Nicholas Cage?

Yep! Scroll up to watch the first trailer for Pig.


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