Bella Hadid, Marc Kalman have been secretly dating for a year

Bella Hadid and boyfriend Marc Kalman may have just gone public with their relationship, but their romance is not new, Page Six has learned.

A source exclusively told Page Six on Tuesday that the couple has been secretly dating since July 2020, successfully sneaking around New York throughout the pandemic to keep their relationship under wraps.

“They hid it well,” a spy said, before detailing the pair’s strategic movements.

“If they went out, he would come out first, get the car, and then she would get into the car. They would drive to a location, and he’d drop her off but not get out and go park the car.”

The source added, “They were very diligent about not being seen on a public street at the same time.”

Their first official sighting together was on July 2, 2020, when they were spotted exiting the Aimé Leon Dore café in lower Manhattan. In photos from that outing, Kalman, 33, can be seen right behind Bella, 24.

A source told us that when the couple did go out together, they made sure there was “never any PDA.”

“Not once,” the spy added, “and most of the time they were with other people, which of course made it difficult to prove that they were dating.”

Bella Hadid, Marc Kalman and a friend
Bella Hadid, Marc Kalman and a friend out to lunch on Sept. 24, 2020.
GC Images

The insider noted that perhaps the pair hadn’t solidified their relationship yet — hence the cloak-and-dagger routine.

“Maybe at that time they weren’t calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend yet,” they speculated.

However, it became more apparent that Kalman and the supermodel were an item when his car began regularly appearing parked overnight outside her NYC pad last summer.

“This new guy [at the time] was driving her around in his Porsche, and then the Porsche was [at her place] overnight multiple times,” the source said, “So it was like, ‘She’s got to be hooking up with this dude.’”

Bella Hadid and Marc Kalman
Face masks during the pandemic helped Bella Hadid and Marc Kalman, pictured here on Nov. 23, 2020, keep their relationship hush-hush.
GC Images

We’re told he often stepped out in the mornings to bring coffee and pastries back to the apartment.

Sporadic sightings continued for a few months before it became clear that the relationship had taken a more serious turn when Kalman was spotted attending Bella’s sister Gigi Hadid’s birthday party in April.

“They were shopping for Gigi together for her birthday earlier in the day,” a source said, adding that Kalman was seen arriving in his Porsche at Gigi’s place later.

At one point, Gigi, Bella and other partygoers stepped out for a grilled-cheese food truck that was rented for the night, but Kalman deliberately stayed inside, we’re told.

“He was there,” a source confirmed.

In July, Bella decided to finally confirm that she and Kalam were a couple by posting a picture of them kissing while in France. The timing, our source says, is notable.

“They basically came out on their anniversary — or somewhere around it,” they said.

The lovebirds appear to be enjoying their time as an official couple: They were spotted earlier this week taking a break from the Canne Film Festival to go boating with pals in France.

A rep for Bella did not immediately return our request for comment.


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