European Super League: Selfish idea went against spirit of inclusivity – Okoth

The attempts to form the parallel competition arouse opposition by major stakeholders before the pioneers withdrew one after the other

Former Sofapaka striker Ronald Okoth has described the European Super League idea as one that is driven by selfishness.

The attempts towards the formation of the competition by elite European clubs led to widespread demonstrations and Okoth has labelled the fathers of the idea as selfish men who were led by money interests at the expense of the general benefit of the football fraternity.

« It was a good idea for them alone businesswise but it was not a good idea for everyone in the football fraternity. If you look at the wider perspective, it was locking many stakeholders including the fans out, » Okoth told Goal.

« It was an idea that was going against the spirit of fair competition because it was a matter of elite clubs going their way and leaving the rest on their own. Yes, it would have been an improvement on the current Champions League but one has to see that they were not the only clubs in the Champions League for example. We have so many sides that were looked down upon.

« The spirit of the competition demands that everyone is involved big or small. It was all about the few clubs, the money and elitism and went against the all-inclusive spirit. »

Uefa was at the forefront challenging the fathers of the Super League idea and threatened sanction and Okoth stated the governing body was right to demand the abortion of the much-touted competition.

« Uefa was right to stand against the competition because they are in charge of football, » added Okoth. « In every organisation, there are rules to be followed and here you cannot form a competition against the one established by the existing structures.”

The Kenya Premier League also lauded the fans who demanded that their respective clubs should not entertain the idea of joining the parallel tournament.

« The fans were right to protest because they felt the club was being taken away from them. You saw banners ‘reading formed by the poor, taken by the rich’ and in their protest they made their voices heard clearly, » he continued.

« Fans make clubs viable and their protest saw the whole Super League project almost collapse. »


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