PS5 NP-104530-3 | ‘This game or app closed because of an error’ fix

The PS5 NP-104530-3 error appears at the worst of times. Just when a player is about to boot up a game, the “This game or app closed because of an error” message appears and forces the player back to the home menu. Fortunately, there is a way to get the game working again. Here’s how to fix the PS5 NP-104530-3 error.

How to fix the PS5 “This game or app closed because of an error” message

To fix the PS5 “This game or app closed because of an error” message, players must remove and then reinstall the game or app.

GameRevoluton has experienced the issue with a fresh install of Destruction AllStars. Thankfully, reinstalling the game has fixed the issue.

It’s frustrating to have to reinstall a game again, especially for large applications like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, but there isn’t any other easy fix.

There is no “Repair” or “Verify Files” function on PS5, meaning the system can’t scan existing files for any problems. Instead, it must completely wipe out the existing data and then replace it with a clean install.

Here’s hoping this problem doesn’t impact too many users. Those with slower internet connections will be devastated to learn that they will need to reinstall a title before being able to play.

Thankfully, Sony is working on other fixes to help make its next-gen system more stable and generally more enjoyable. This longstanding issue with 4K games is the next issue to be fixed.

God of War update has greatly enhanced the PS4 release for PS5 players. 4K 60 FPS is now playable, making playing as Kratos a sharp and smooth experience.

Control: Ultimate Edition is now available at no additional cost for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Here’s the GameRevolution review of the souped-up version for next-gen.

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