Customer leaves $2K tip for restaurant’s entire staff

A South Carolina restaurant’s staff was left stunned when a regular left behind a $2,000 tip for them to share.

The generous tipper was a diner who had been coming for years into the Eggs Up Grill in Greenville, news station KOAT reported.

“Usually he comes in and orders one of the things, and it’s right around $9 or so,” owner Adam Bair said.

“He’d leave a $20, or sometimes he’d leave a $20 for a server then give another $20 and say, ‘Give $5 to each of the guys on the grill.’”

But last week he came in for his regular meal and left an envelope.

Inside, there was a $2,021 tip with a note that told them to split up $421 among the staff, plus $400 each for four servers.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Bair said, adding, “We tried to go outside and thank him and he was already gone.”

Selene Montalvo, who is a server, said she’s hoping the customer comes back soon so she can tell him how grateful she was for his act of kindness.

“He paid most of my bills this month, and that’s why I can’t wait to see him to really thank him,” Montalvo said.


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