What to Remember Before Tonight’s Midseason Premiere

This past fall Big Sky gave us something we haven’t seen in a while: a truly good cliffhanger. But now the wait is over, and Big Sky is coming back.

Created by David E. Kelley and based on the novel by C. J. Box, ABC’s Big Sky debuted its first five episodes throughout November and December of 2020. Those five hours of television were packed full of multiple murders, kidnappings, escape attempts, jealous cops, and whiplash-inducing references to COVID. If you need your memory jogged before you dive into this new installment, we’re just the site for you. Here’s everything you need to remember before Big Sky returns tonight.

How Did the First Half of Big Sky Season 1 End?

Things got real, quick. You know how Cassie (Kylie Bunbury) the private investigator spent most of Season 1 searching for three abducted women? She finally found them. After planting a tracking device on Highway Patrol Officer Rick Legarski’s (John Carroll Lynch) car, Cassie and her ex-cop frenemy Jenny (Katheryn Winnick) found the warehouse where Rick had been keeping his victims. They got the department to search the place but it was too late. Rick and Ronald Pergman (Brian Geraghty) had already moved the trio to a second location.

But you know how serial criminals typically have their own specific habits and haunts? Cassie does, which led her to visit the All-In truck stop. If you need a refresher, that’s where she originally met Rick. Cassie’s gut paid off. In the final moments of Episode 5, Cassie heard the muffled screams of Grace, Danielle, and Jerrie; and she shot Rick.

Is Rick Legarski Dead on Big Sky?

Chances of Legarski being alive look pretty slim. In C.J. Box’s original novel The Highway, Cassie’s confrontation with Legarski ended with her shooting him 10 times. That confrontation was chronicled by several cameras in the book. In the show, that’s not the case. Cassie is about to enter this new installment having just killed a police officer, and she knows there’s no proof to set her free.

But you know how it goes when it comes to dying on television: don’t count anyone out until you’ve actually seen the body. An actual dead body is something we certainly didn’t see during Big Sky’s midseason finale. Adding to the “he’s coming back” argument is the actor playing Legarski. John Carroll Lynch has made a name for himself by being creepy on film. In American Horror Story alone he has pulled off the “coming back from the dead” trope at least three times. There is a chance Legarski may escape to further terrorize women in the name moral purity.

What’s Going on with Grace, Danielle, and Jerrie?

They were trapped in a warehouse, and now they’re trapped in the All-In truck stop. Grace (Jade Pettyjohn) ended the season with an infected leg, something she hurt while trying to escape. Here’s hoping Cassie can get these women out in time before Grace loses consciousness.

Is Ronald Pergman Still Dancing with Legarski’s Wife?

Probably. In Episode 4 Ronald started talking to Legarski’s wife while she was at work. Is staring at someone with dead eyes and calling them sad flirting? We don’t know. But whatever he did, it worked on Merrilee (Brooke Smith). She agreed to go dancing with Ronald and told her husband about her semi-date. All the sex trafficking and kidnapping considered, it’s probably good for Ronald to hang out with any woman who’s not his mom.

By the way, Ronald is the source of two major secrets. Legarski never knew it was his partner Ronald who danced with his wife, a betrayal he likely never uncovered before he died. And Cassie and Jenny haven’t figured out that Legarski was working with a partner. Ronald, I believe you’ve been selected as our new Big Bad. Congratulations.

Where Are Jenny and Cassie in All of This?

If you’ve been reading this, you know where Cassie was during the finale. She was the one who discovered the missing girls and likely murdered Legarski. So where’s Jenny?

Remember that whole tracking device fiasco? And how adding a tracking device on anyone’s car without telling them is highly illegal? Yeah, Jenny and Cassie knew and they went through with that crime anyway. After the police investigated the warehouse and found nothing, the chief needed a scapegoat. At the end of Episode 5 Jenny was put in jail and officially that scapegoat.

Do Jenny and Cassie Know That Cody Is Dead?

No. Everyone in this show keeps insisting that Cody (Ryan Phillippe) just wandered off because apparently that’s the kind of guy Cody is. We wouldn’t know. Why? Because Ronald killed him almost immediately. Though Jenny and Cassie may not know where their lover is, they know something isn’t right. As this show progresses both of them are becoming more convinced that Cody is actually dead.

Episode 6 of Big Sky premieres on ABC this Tuesday, January 26, at 9/8c p.m. New episodes will premiere on ABC every Tuesday and air next day on Hulu.

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