Exec slammed for complaining that Austin people ‘are rude’

Even Texas may not be big enough for this man and his haters.

California transplant Brett Alder penned an op-ed for Business Insider this month listing his complaints about Austin, Texas, where he relocated with his family for work in 2015.

The internet has since seized on his diatribe in a storm of viral tweets, slamming the sales executive and father of seven as the whiny embodiment of privilege — and a manifestation of the problems that come with gentrifiers. 

Among other grievances, Alder wrote that “Austinites are rude,” their drivers are “reptilian brain terrible,” service at restaurants and rental car companies alike are “generally awful” and a bland “monoculture” prevails that “leaves you with the feeling that you traveled 15 years back in time.” 

Even though “Austin is supposed to be outdoorsy,” Alder found that there are “very few places to go” due to the “limited number of public spaces serving such a large population.” 

As for the famed heat, “it’s hard to describe how oppressive it is.” 

Alder and his family have since moved back to California, which he cedes is similar to Austin in one key way. “The thing that California and Austin definitely have in common is that they’re both very expensive,” he wrote. But the Golden State, he maintains, is worth the price.

Many Twitter haters are not sympathetic to his bad experience in Austin. 

“The most white privilege thing you will ever read,” responded one

“Awfully entitled of you,” wrote another

Some critics supported the piece for the reason that it may discourage other transplants from moving to Austin. 

“I’m not even mad at you. I disagree with every word you wrote, and you came off as a total douche, but if it convinces people to stay away from Austin, I’m here for it,” tweeted one.

After taking in Alder’s story, one reader determined his bad reaction to Austin to have been beneficial for the state. 

“Read your article. Doesn’t sound like you miss Texas much. Texas most likely doesn’t miss you either. So in the spirit of mutual understanding … Godspeed and bless your heart,” tweeted another.

Sales executive Brett Alder is slammed for complaining about Austi
California transplant Brett Alder relocated to Austin with his family for work in 2015.


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