Video of Kamala Harris’ socks goes viral on TikTok

Sock it to me?

Vice President-elect Harris — and her socks — are going viral on TikTok after Harris’ niece Meena shared a short video of her aunt.

The video shows Meena Harris — a former senior executive at Uber — giving Kamala Harris a peach-flavored mint — with the joke writing itself.

“Auntie. I got you a gift,” she said, while Kamala Harris looked on cross-legged in a chair. “Im-peach-mints”

The video cuts off as the future vice president bursts out into laughter.

The video has racked up more than 10 million views among the kids on TikTok, with Meena Harris also cross-posting the item to Instagram and Twitter, according to Glamour.

The California senator’s socks came in for particular praise. The blue and white threads from Gumball Poodle read “The Future Is Female.”

“Madame Vice President Kamala Harris & I have the same “THE FUTURE IS FEMALE” socks. Relieved face That is all,” wrote one proud sock wearer.


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