Get 5 free Fall Guys Crowns on the house by filling out this survey

Fall Guys is well through its third season and while earning Crowns and climbing up the Crown Ranks is still a somewhat difficult, semi-random task, Mediatonic is now offering five Crowns to players for free. But they come with a one small catch: Players have to fill out a survey to claim them. Luckily, it’s a short survey with a relatively big payout.

How to get five free Fall Guys Crowns from the survey

To get the free Fall Guys crowns, players have to fill out this survey that the main Fall Guys Twitter account tweeted out and wait about a week for it to process. These can typically sound like a scam, but the account is verified and clicking on the handle shows that it is the official Fall Guys account. Always be cautious and ensure that giveaways like this for games are legitimate and looking at official channels for verification is a good step.

Get 5 free Fall Guys Crowns on the house by filling out this survey

Fill out the first few introductory parts of the survey and then put in your Support ID. This is very important as it is how Mediatonic will give out the Crowns. To find your personal Fall Guys Support ID, launch the game and tab over to the settings tab. Then click on “Profile.”

Get 5 free Fall Guys Crowns on the house by filling out this survey

There will be two options so be sure to click the “Reveal Support ID.” It will then ask if the player is streaming or not and remind them that this is a private code. Grab that unique code and enter it into the field in the survey.

The rest of the survey is much easier as it just mainly asks players what they want to see in future seasons and what features they like as well as how they’d rank the costumes and games from this season. Mediatonic obviously wants to keep Fall Guys going for the foreseeable future and it seems to want the community’s input, too.

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