TIL Vince McMahon uses his WWE catchphrase is real business dealings

Last week, USA Today published an update on the legal battle between Vince McMahon and the commissioner of his second attempt at a football league, Oliver Luck.

I didn’t dive too deep into it. We’re a wrestling blog, and a legal battle over the management of XFL 2.0 worth roughly $20 million isn’t likely to have a material effect on WWE. But the details of USA Today’s story about McMahon’s countersuit to Luck suing him for wrongful termination does reveal a detail that popped this wrestling blogger.

Past of Vince’s case is that Luck didn’t stick to his promise that the XFL would only sign “quality football players with good character.” The league signed Antonio Callaway, who’d been twice suspended by the NFL (once for violating that league’s substance abuse policy and once when he was charged with credit card fraud). The XFL also publicly courted former Heisman winner Johnny Manziel, whose brief NFL career was mired in controversies including domestic violence allegations.

It’s from evidence about the issues between McMahon and Luck over Manziel that the choice wrestling detail about the story comes. USA Today reported on this text exchange between the former XFL owner and his commish, and freelance reporter David Bixenspan found the text that proves Vince lives his kayfabe gimmick in the real world from the case exhibits:

XFL case exhibits via David Bixenspan’s Twitter

While you have Mr. McMahon’s entrance music stuck in your head for the rest of the day, let us know if you think he also gave Luck a throaty “YOU’RE FIRED!” when letting him go.

Or maybe he just texted “U R FIRED !!”?

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