Austin Theory’s groin is still recovering from New Year’s Evil

After a few weeks off, New Year’s Evil brought the return of Matt Camp’s NXT Injury Report. A Last Woman Standing match and two guys who can’t help but beat the $#!+ out of each other will do that.

The four participants from those matches landing on Camp’s list isn’t surprising, and The Bump host doesn’t have much in the way of new information about any of their conditions, either. The video focused on the Jan. 6 episode of NXT did play up the ferocity of that show’s two main attractions. It also reminds us about a match that was pulled from the episode, adds to the intrigue of the mysterious woman controlling Xia Li, and gave us another opportunity to laugh at Austin Theory.

The Way’s celebration of Johnny Gargano breaking his championship curse was a disaster all around, but Theory got the worst of it. Not only did he take a shot from Shotzi Blackheart’s cannon right in the family jewels, but Kushida sent his mentor headfirst into the same region before rolling Johnny up.

And Austin was so proud of the gift he & Indi Hartwell got for The Way, too…

Ah well. Here’s this week’s Injury Report, and the full list of what it covers:

  • Finn Bálor: sent to the hospital to have his arm examined; no update
  • Kyle O’Reilly: sent to the hospital to have his jaw examined; no official update, but a tweet from O’Reilly indicates the jaw was not broken
  • Rhea Ripley: not medically cleared due to being bruised & contused; day-to-day
  • Raquel González: not medically cleared due to being bruised & contused; day-to-day
  • Katrina Cortez: facial bruising and possible orbital bone injury; not medically cleared
  • Austin Theory: groin injury; cleared “as symptoms allow”

For complete results and the live blog for NXT this week click here. To read a recap & review of all the night’s events click here. For a full playlist of the show click here.

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