‘We know that Roger Federer is the king of grass but…’, says physiotherapist

'We know that Roger Federer is the king of grass but...', says physiotherapist

2018 was arguably the best career season for Kevin Anderson. The South African giant not only reached the final at Wimbledon (lost to Novak Djokovic), but also took away the satisfaction of qualifying for the ATP Finals in London for the first time ever.

Many will remember his sensational comeback against Roger Federer in the quarter-finals of the Championships, which shocked both fans and insiders after the 20-time Grand Slam champion had won the first two sets (and had wasted a match point in the third).

That defeat had a big impact on King Roger ‘s morale, who was rather displeased that he was relegated to Field No. 1. In a lengthy interview with Essentially Sports, Anderson’s former physiotherapist – Carlos Costa – retraced that extraordinary ride at Wimbledon which made an entire nation dream for two weeks.

Costa on Kevin Anderson’s ‘Never Give Up’ attitude

“That week brings me a lot of memories like against Roger Federer, it was really unbelievable. We knew that Kevin Anderson was at a really high performance at that time and a really good spirit.

When he played against Roger, we know that Roger Federer is the king of grass…But when you go for a match you really go with everything you can,” said the physio. Carlos Costa also talked about the fighting spirit of Anderson.

He highlighted that the South African player had no fear and gave his best on the court. “Kevin is like a player that always gives his all in that situation…We know that Roger is the best player of all time in tennis for sure.

But, you always have a chance, so keep fighting and challenging yourself because you never know, sometimes, the chances happen and in the end, it really happened. Kevin really showed to himself and to us that things can change if you really believe in yourself,” added Costa.

Fans automatically become tired just after remembering the match between John Isner and Kevin Anderson. It was the semi-final of Wimbledon 2018 and surprisingly, the match lasted for 6 hours and 36 minutes. “In Isner, I think it was like 6 hours 30 something minutes, I just remember I was completely drained after the match.

We keep giving him electrolytes, bars, and everything just to keep him conscious because he was like huge fat. I never see such a long event like that, a match so long…It was like an unbelievable performance from Kevin. We were very grateful to be there and see that happening live,” concluded Costa.

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