Immortals Fenyx Rising DLC dates leaked, features ‘New’ and ‘Lost’ Gods

The Immortals Fenyx Rising DLC release dates have been a mystery since the Breath of the Wild-like RPG came out to middling reviews in early December. And while Ubisoft sometimes announces DLC dates for its games before release, the publisher still has yet to officially confirm when the Immortals Fenyx Rising expansions are coming. However, it looks like Nintendo may have unintentionally revealed when the Immortals DLC is coming out ahead of schedule.

When are the Immortals Fenyx Rising DLC release dates?

According to the eShop, as spotted by NintendoLife, players don’t have to wait long to play more Immortals. According to Nintendo, the Immortals Fenyx Rising DLC release dates are:

  • January 21 for A New God
  • February 25 for Lost Gods
  • April 1 for Myths from the Eastern Realm

Ubisoft has not commented on these dates so they are not confirmed. However, it is evident that A New God is at least coming soon, as trophies for that expansion recently went live. And given how the publisher spoke about and showed some of the other expansions, it is also quite possible that they aren’t far behind either.

A New God is the most straightforward expansion. It takes place after the main game in Olympus and expands upon Fenyx’s core move set in their journey to ascend to godhood. Lost Gods stars a separate main character and is a isometric take on the game that’s not unlike Diablo. It will have a different progression system that will allow players to craft their own playstyle and “experiment with a lot of parameters.” Myths from the Eastern Realm strays the most from the game’s formula as it not only stars a new protagonist, but a whole new mythology. It takes the series to Chinese mythology, which is a stark contrast to the base game’s Grecian roots.

The only caveat about this leak is the order. Ubisoft called Myths from the Eastern Realm the second expansion, but the leak shows it being released last. The scale of a new mythology could have made the order switch necessary. But, again, this is all still unconfirmed.

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