Ndugwa explains why Vipers SC’s Kyebatala will surprise many in 2020/21 season

The Venom believes his teammate will be a man to watch when the next league campaign starts

Vipers SC forward Abraham Ndugwa has revealed the player he thinks will perform better for the Uganda Premier League (UPL) champions next season.

Even though the 23-year-old star believes he is set to become a key figure, he has chosen Umar Kyebatala as the player who will surprise many next season.

“[Abraham] Ndugwa will. Honestly, it’s a very competitive team making it hard to choose one, however, I will go with [Umar] Kyebatala. The guy has an eye for goal,” Ndugwa told the club’s website.

The striker further revealed the game he was really looking to feature in before the season was abandoned when it was about to hit matchday 25.

“I was looking forward to the KCCA FC game at home in the just-concluded season. Since I was out injured at the start of the second round, I trained hard and got back to a level I felt I was ready for that return leg. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the squad,” he revealed.

Ndugwa also mentioned his most enjoyable moment at the club so far.

“The looped pass for Tito Okello in the Pilsner Super 8 semi-final against Mbarara City for the equaliser,” he continued.

“We actually conceded during the last 15 minutes after dominating the game for so long and I told [Frank] Tumwesigye; ‘We can’t lose this just play close to me.’ He gave me the ball which I chipped for Tito who coolly finished it off and helped book our place in the final.”

The coronavirus-related restrictions have affected most footballers’ programmes and Ndugwa has explained how his typical day looks like currently.

“I usually get up a bit late lately because of the Covid-19 lockdown although I remain an early riser. I stretch for 15 minutes, check my phone for any new messages or communication,” he added.

“Later in the day is when I do my practice from 5 pm using the training program that was given to us as well as incorporating in new ones.

“I am actually limited by this lockdown on what I would love to continue perfecting like finishing and shooting because I can’t get access to some things, so with the limited space all I get is doing ball mastery and a few ball tricks.”

He also revealed why Tumwesigye always lights up his day during team training sessions.

“Tumwesigye makes my training days lively. He can silence any player with his banter. Quite a cheeky fellow. I even try to avoid him at times, to prevent him turning the jokes on me,” Ndugwa concluded.

Vipers were declared champions after the season was cancelled last month.

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