Roger Federer’s domain on grass courts

Roger Federer's domain on grass courts

Unfortunately in 2020 fans will not have the opportunity to see tournaments on the grass-courts, nor the deeds of its greatest exponent, Roger Federer. But this surface has always impressed all fans of the Game. It is the surface of Wimbledon, the most ancient and prestigious tennis event in the world.

But the grass-swing sees other important and interesting tournaments such as Queen’s and Halle in particular, but also Den Bosch and Eastbourne. Just talking about titles, Roger Federer holds the record of wins at Wimbledon (8 titles, better than Pete Sampras and Williams Renshaw at 7) and in Halle (10 titles).

In 2018 he also won the Mercedes Cup in Stuttgart, obtaining his 19th title on the lawns. ATP analyzed the records and all the statistics of the tennis players (still active) on the grass-courts and the best of all was Roger Federer.

The Swiss Maestro’s records on this surface are many and very important, although it is probably one particular data that makes the difference compared to the others.

Roger Federer’s domain on grass courts

Roger Federer’s biggest record on grass-courts is his unbeaten running from 2003 to 2008.

A series that started in Halle 2003 and ended at Wimbledon 2008, with 10 titles in a row, broken only by the nemesis of the Swiss, Rafael Nadal who won one of the historical finals of the Game at Wimbledon 2008, and who has probably revolutionized the hierarchies of tennis after Federer’s advent.

The record of 65 straight wins on grass-courts is one of the best records in the history of tennis, improved with another 20 consecutive successes achieved between Halle 2017 and Halle 2018. With 187 career wins on this surface, Federer has many more successes than Andy Murray (107 wins) and Novak Djokovic, third with 95 wins.

The numbers are similar with the titles: Federer has conquered 19 titles on grass-courts, a record that is difficult to overcome currently by Murray (8 titles) and by Djokovic himself (6 titles). The only statistic where the Serb can annoy Federer concerns the percentage of victories, with Federer who leads with 87.4% ahead of Djokovic with 84.1%.

Probably the Wimbledon 2019 final could have closed any doubt about Federer’s records and domination on grass-courts: we remember that Djokovic won the title by beating Federer after the Swiss had two match points wasted on his service.

Despite this, on this surface, these records and even popular opinion certify that Roger Federer is the greatest champion of all time on grass-courts.

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