Family of three found dead in NJ pool may have been electrocuted

The family of three found dead in a pool at the back of their New Jersey home may have been electrocuted, neighbors suspect in a new report.

Neighbors in East Brunswick said that an electrician’s truck turned up at the house following Monday afternoon’s discovery of the three bodies, including an 8-year-old girl, her mother and uncle, CBS News said.

“The fact that they had an electrician’s truck show up shortly thereafter — I mean, it wouldn’t make sense that three people just drowned right away like that, with an adult there, too,” neighbor Phil Peterson told the station.

Officials would not comment to the station about the electrician’s presence, CBS said.

The station aired footage of a man overcome with grief as he was consoled by other men outside the house Monday.

The victims were not identified, but had only just moved to the neighborhood about a month ago, locals told the station.

A neighbor raised the alarm after hearing a woman scream and the child, her 32-year-old mother and her 62-year-old uncle were all found dead in the raised pool, officials said.


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