Kellyanne Conway and other celebs who look like they had plastic surgery

It’s the coronavirus refresh.

By the looks of some virtual appearances from celebs and public figures, quarantine may have been prime time for secretly getting a little work done. Now is the sweet spot for famous folk to “hide and heal” after treatments including Botox and facelifts, especially as doctors’ offices are starting to open.

As countless internet spectators could attest, Kellyanne Conway looked especially refreshed this week, leading to rampant plastic-surgery speculation. But the Trump consultant, 53, is far from the first public figure to emerge with some facial fairy dust.

When she debuted a radically different look back in 2002, cable news personality Greta Van Susteren owned it.

“What I’m told is that I’m the first in the news business that’s talking about it,” the now 66-year-old, who’d removed eye bags though surgery, said on “Good Morning America.” “But it wasn’t like an admission of a crime to me, it was like — well, here it is.”

Along with being a time to hide and re-emerge as a butterfly, being stuck in lockdown can also act as an eye-opener for some as they’re forced to see their faces during video appearances in unflattering light and angles or “close-up and [in] high definition every day,” says Dr. Stephen Greenberg, a Long Island plastic surgeon who works with celebrities, politicians and news personalities.

Greenberg tells The Post he’s seen about a 250% uptick in calls during the pandemic, including those who are expected to show their faces in video chats seen by the masses.

“They have to keep up their image,” Greenberg says of on-air personalities and news reporters. “They’re getting close-up views.”

Here’s a look at public personalities who have turned up looking a whole lot different, whether recently during quarantine or in past years.

Khloé Kardashian

The 35-year-old reality star caused a stir last month when even die-hard fans had a hard time recognizing her. She ended up joking to a follower who called her out, attributing her new look to “my weekly face transplants clearly.”

Dr. Lawrence Reed, an Upper East Side plastic surgeon who has not treated Khloé, points to lip injections — of the Juvéderm or fat variety — and “nasal work.”

“The tip is a little more refined with narrower nasal bones,” he says, adding that the appearance of higher eyebrows could be Botox. The board-certified doctor, who’s been practicing for 43 years, isn’t impressed, either.

“To me, it’s a little hard looking. I don’t like hard-looking people. It’s unnatural to a degree,” he says.

Dr. Greenberg, who does not count Kardashian as a client, agrees, saying “she looks completely different.”

“She had a lot of facial work — maybe contouring — rhinoplasty and eyes,” he says. “Most people don’t want to look so drastically different. I think she looks good, but she doesn’t look like her.”


AdeleAxelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic; Instagram

The 32-year-old songstress shocked fans with her newly slimmed-down figure when she emerged in January and again when she shared birthday photos on Instagram in May. She credits her toned bod to exercise and the sirtfood diet, but Dr. Reed suspects more, including “lipo of the neck.” He also points to her different-looking nose and eyelids — “in a nice, subtle way” — and possibly Botox injections that help make her eyebrows appear higher.

“Her voice is still everything, but she looks better,” says Dr. Reed, who has not worked with Adele. “She did subtle things — the nose was done in a minimalistic way, the tip was improved, the bones were narrowed and they added height” but “kept the basic shape.”

Her lush lips, meanwhile, can be chalked up to “some injections, but mostly lipstick,” he says.

Joe Biden

Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden.
Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden.(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Dr. Reed suspects the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee may have had “a traditional male facelift,” judging by photos of Biden from September 2019 after announcing his 2020 campaign. Although the 77-year-old’s earlobes appear to be pulled down and look “elongated,” the former VP’s neck, however, looks like it was done “very conservatively,” he says.

“The only place you should never be conservative [is] in the neck,” adds Dr. Reed, who has not treated Biden. “I would have liked to see a better correction of his neck — not enough was done.”

The timing of his new look comes as no surprise to some. “Politicians come to me right before they start their campaigns,” said Dr. Greenberg, who also did not treat Joe Biden. “The first thing in a political campaign is to visit my office; ‘Fix me and up and then we run.’ You can’t do it after — there’s no hiding.”

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton
Hillary ClintonGetty Images

The former presidential nominee’s appearance at a December 2019 NYC event left jaws dropped. “There’s no question that Hillary had work done,” says Dr. Reed, who does not count her as a client. “I think she refreshed herself,” he says of the 72-year-old, adding that it looks like she “had her face and neck done and a lot of injections” in addition to some other nips and tucks.

“Her crow’s feet have mellowed out, her eyebrows are better-positioned. I think she had some type of skin resurfacing, probably a chemical peel, injections and skin-tightening,” adds Dr. Reed.

Dr. Greenberg likes what he sees, noting the work was not his. “I think she looks natural. It’s the sort of thing you want to look natural.”

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell
Simon CowellGetty Images

The “American Idol” judge, famous for his carping criticisms, has been open about his nips and tucks. In 2018, Cowell, now 60, discussed his “Silhouette Soft Lift.”

“He has some improvement, but to me, it doesn’t look natural. It looks like he’s had something done,” says Dr. Greenberg, who did not perform the surgery. “His face looks very full and he has a little bit of an odd neckline. I wouldn’t have done that for his type of anatomy.”

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon RamsayMartin Doyle/FilmMagic; Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The world-famous chef, now 53, took a lot of heat for his new look in 2009 when he filled in the lines of his chin after “advice” from Simon Cowell. And the professionals think he’s been cooked to perfection.

“I think he looks great. It’s a natural look,” says Dr. Greenberg. “It helped him significantly, and it makes a big difference. His minimal procedures adds to his natural look.”


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