NXT UK’s Jordan Devlin & Travis Banks suspended indefinitely by Progress

WWE’s already commented on a woman’s claim that NXT UK’s Jordan Devlin sexually assaulted her.

Devlin is just one of many wrestlers from the British scene being accused of sexual misconduct as part of the #SpeakingOut movement which has blossomed on Twitter in recent days. Another, NXT UK’s Travis Banks, is the focus of an independent wrestler’s story. She says Banks was emotionally abusive during a relationship which began when she was his 17 year old trainee.

Both men have now been suspended indefinitely by Progress Wrestling, the Glen Joseph & Jon Briley-owned promotion owned which has frequently collaborated with WWE since 2017.

Statement regarding abuse allegations in British Wrestling

UPDATED 5.40pm 19th June

The last couple of days feel like a watershed moment for the British wrestling scene.

Stories being bravely told, about abuse that has been suffered within the wrestling business, are heartbreaking and eye-opening.

We stand with you, and we hear you. Please keep speaking out.

We have spent today consulting with trusted colleagues within the wrestling business about how we can improve our work environment and make it safer for all involved – talent, crew and fans. These have been incredibly positive discussions and we are excited to get to work making them reality.

It will take time, but as a wrestling community we can clean this scene up and make it better, and safer.


From a personal perspective –

Whether victim, friend, casual acquaintance or colleague – no-one should feel guilty for not seeing the signs of abuse. The nature of the abuser is that they are adept at hiding in plain sight.


As a company we have consistently removed obscene and abusive fans, with the aid of our production crew. We have a ‘banned’ list which gets circulated to all the venues in which we work, so that even if someone on that ‘banned’ list gets a ticket indirectly, security won’t let them in at the door.

We’ve been in business for 8 years now. As is to be expected over the course of that time, there have been incidents between fans, and very occasionally between wrestlers and fans. Where possible, action has been taken. Where appropriate and where a criminal offence may have been committed, we have advised people to take the matter to the police. These approaches will be reviewed and extended with additional support pathways

PROGRESS doesn’t have anyone under contract. Everyone who works for the company is freelance; what this means in practice is that when they’re on the clock for us, we are ultimately responsible for what they do; once they’ve left the building, they’re an adult and responsible for their own behaviour.


Thank you for reading. As of this month we are taking steps to diversify our core team, and wider circle of those with whom we consult, and we will learn from this watershed moment.

Talent Suspensions And Departures

Further to our statement made earlier today, here is an update regarding specific allegations and current roster members:

David Starr – will no longer be working for PROGRESS

Marc ‘Paz’ Parry – will no longer be working for PROGRESS

Travis Banks – will be suspended indefinitely

Jordan Devlin – will be suspended indefinitely // the tag titles have been vacated

Scotty Davis – will be suspended indefinitely // the tag titles have been vacated

We take these allegations extremely seriously. Those under suspension will have their situation reviewed periodically between now, and events starting again.

We continue to monitor and listen to the Speaking Out movement so that we can take appropriate action where necessary.


If you have been a victim of abuse, here are some links which may be helpful:

VICTIM SUPPORT (support and practical help for trauma sufferers) – 0808 168 9111

RAPE CRISIS (for girls or women who have been sexually assaulted) – 0808 802 9999

REFUGE (24 hour crisis line for women suffering from domestic violence) – 0808 200 0247

SAMARITANS (for anyone in a crisis) – 116 123

MEN’S ADVICE LINE (for men suffering from domestic violence) – 0808 801 0327

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