Locations of NYC’s Black Lives Matter murals unveiled

Mayor Bill de Blasio on Friday unveiled the locations where “Black Lives Matter” will painted along city streets across the five boroughs.

The massive murals will be designed along Centre Street in lower Manhattan, Richmond Terrace on Staten Island, Joralemon Street in Brooklyn, 153rd Street in Queens and Morris Avenue in the Bronx. They will be completed over the next three weeks.

“I ask all New Yorkers to recognize the power of this moment — that the city of New York is saying loudly, clearly, consistently black lives matter and we will back up that belief with action after action after action,” de Blasio said.

A similar Black Lives Matter mural was painted in Bedford-Stuyvesant over the weekend, with the roadway becoming a pedestrian-only plaza for the summer.

De Blasio announced plans for the giant murals earlier this month amid raging protests in the city over the police-involved death of George Floyd and racial injustices.

The announcement Friday comes the same day de Blasio designated Juneteenth — which commemorates the official end of slavery — a holiday beginning next year.


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