Chicago cop defies boss by kneeling outside of union office

In apparent defiance of the head of Chicago’s powerful Fraternal Order of Police, a city cop posted a photo of herself kneeling in front of a union office, according to a report.

The uniformed officer, who has been on the job since the 1990s, posted the image — in which she is holding a Black Lives Matter sign — on her Facebook page, Fox 32 Chicago reported.

Last week, John Catanzara, the union’s new president, said a gesture seen throughout the US amid protests over George Floyd’s death in police custody in Minneapolis is tantamount to betrayal of the uniform.

“I don’t believe it’s the time or place to be doing that,” Catanzara told Fox 32 last week. “If you kneel, you’ll be risking being brought up on charges and thrown out of the lodge.

Reacting to the photo of the kneeling cop, Catanzara told the news outlet: “I think it’s almost a dare. It’s a challenge for us to do something about it.”

Asked if he believes black lives matter, he answered: “I believe all lives matter.”

Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara
Fraternal Order of Police President John CatanzaraAP

Henry Hemphill, the president of Metropolitan Alliance of Black Law Enforcement, said the pictured officer will face a backlash.

“What we are seeing is what blacks in law enforcement hear all the time. How come black officers won’t step up? We are seeing why. Not only is the agency she works for saying she will have blowback,” he told Fox 32.

“Now the very union she pays for is saying we will expel you and charge you,” Hemphill added.

Chicago cops who are kicked out of the union can still remain on the job, but will not be guaranteed the contractual benefits negotiated between the city and the fraternal order, Fox 32 has reported.

Catanzara, who took heat in 2017 for posting a Facebook photo in uniform with a sign supporting President Trump and gun rights, last week said cops now kneeling for protesters are doing the same thing — just on the other end of the political spectrum.


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