Limited-edition NZXT H510 CRFT 06 Siege case celebrates the success of Rainbow Six Siege

If you’re a hardcore Rainbow Six Siege fan and you play primarily on PC, then the new variant of the super-popular (and my personal favorite) H510 case will no doubt tickle your fancy. The NZXT H510 CRFT 06 Siege case is themed around the hit tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege. And this isn’t some subtle tribute, as you can see in the header image above. NZXT has gone all out on making the ultimate Siege tribute case.

The H510 Siege CRFT 06 Siege is a limited-edition case with only 500 units being made available. It’s priced at $249.99, which is a pretty premium over the $70 standard H510. Of course, there’s value in the design and fact that there will only be 500 made.

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What’s more, the H510 CRFT 06 Siege edition comes with an exclusive special-edition breaching NZXT Puck and “6” logo charm. Oh, and the Siege “6” logo on the front lights up!

If you want the NZXT H510 CRFT 06 Siege to be the home for your next build, check out to check availability.

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