Huge insect with giant stinger feared to be killer hornet found in family’s garden

A mother has found a huge insect with a giant stinger after it suddenly fell from the sky into her back garden.

Samantha Stoneley, 28, was enjoying a break from work outside her home in Hull, England on Saturday when the massive bug began hovering over her.

She was chatting with workmen laying decking in her garden when the insect approached her.

“All of a sudden this thing came flying over us and we just thought, ‘What the hell is that?’,” she told the Hull Daily Mail.

“I talk about the size of it and people don’t believe how big it was if they weren’t there.”

Stoneley said she fears the insect was an Asian giant hornet – which can kill with a single sting.

Despite her concerns, an expert told The Sun Online that the creature looked to be a harmless horntail, also known as a wood wasp.

“They’re totally harmless, unless you handle one roughly, in which case you may get jabbed by the ovipositor,” Joseph Botting from British Bugs said.

“This one seems to have had an accident, sadly – it’s very early for them to be dying off, so I doubt it died naturally.”

The creature was “much longer” than a cotton bud, according to Stoneley, with a huge stinger.

Just days earlier, a toddler found a similar bug also with distinctive yellow legs nearby in east Hull.

Paul Everingham’s two-year-old son Noah found the hornet in the family’s back garden.

Everingham caught the bug in a plastic tub and then tried to find out what it was.

“I googled it and it says they are trying to take over America. A distinctive feature is they have yellow legs which this definitely has,” he said.

“I’m 99 percent sure it is a giant Asian killer hornet. It said online that it can kill humans in one shot.”

One expert said the creature found in his back garden looked more like a horntail.

Asian hornets are invading the UK and could cost the economy millions of pounds, according to a report.

In a study published in the journal NeoBiota in April, French scientists evaluated the estimated cost of this non-native hornet invasion to Europe.

Experts warn the hornets’ environmental destruction could cost the UK up to $9.55 million every year.

Asian hornets are similar to European hornets but they are not native to the UK.

They are large insects measuring almost 2 inches long, originally from Southeast Asia, that prey on small creatures – especially bees.

Just one sting is enough to kill someone allergic to their venom.


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